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I’m back on this again. In more ways than one. Notion has some sort of weird twitter embedding bug:

So until that’s fixed, I’m back on Medium (the medium place) for a bit. “Putting words on the internet is a solved problem” I always used to say. …

What we now doubt (which we used to think), was that our models will enable us to look into the future and, indeed, to change the future to the benefit of mankind. …

I’m writing new sections of PhD stuff and in the spirit of peer review, I’m going to try and blog as much of it as I can and as much of it as is interesting to a general (but slightly knowledgeable) audience. This is a section I’ve written out differently…

Good job everyone! My personal favourites today are Lizzi’s D12 and Ann’s jurassic park.

Hello friendly participants. The baby is settled, judging (and compiling a blog from disparate tweets) is now happening. Scroll down to see your competitor’s work. There are some beautifully bucolic garden scenes and I also have a great deal of time for the various food shots, especially Lizzi’s bread. A winner is declared, who will receive no prizes beyond this congratulatory emoji: 🎉.

I can’t vote for my wife, but I can highlight a nicely composed photo.

Criminally underrated composting worm content.

Moving from “extremely online” to “only online” is a shift. For me, someone who could only really be described as ‘psychologically inseparable from the internet’, this feels like additional work. I’m seeing more scams goign around my family. The GOV.UK prototyping toolkit being used to make ever more convincing scam…

Bad post it note, on a rainy window.

Sometimes it can be hard to articulate an unease you’re feeling with something ethereal. I’ve worked alongside service designers for years and sometimes have felt what a few people have articulated recently on the internet:

  • the idea of a dominant paradigm of understanding services and government (as developers did in…

Close reading is a nasty thing to do to someone else’s work. So, be aware that I am doing it not because the writer is bad or the ideas are without merit, but because I really, really disagree with the statements and I want to take them apart (without malice).

2019 man. There was a lot of it. Like this note. It is comprehensive.

I drank a lot of coffee in Brew in Oxford. They have a little record player in the corner and the disc that is regularly spinning is Transformer, so let’s soundtrack this with that.



It’s been a difficult month or two. I’ve had a lot of health things go wrong and that has been both stressful in terms of worrying about not being able to work (no sick leave for contractors) and dealing with the most pain I’ve ever had. But here we are…


Public sector specialist. Anthropologist on the internet.

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